Lukas Hermanns, M.Sc.


  • Active Leisure Projects

    • LLGL (graphics API abstraction layer, since 2015)
    • XShaderCompiler (shader cross-compiler, since 2014)
    • CppLibExt (template library for C++11, since 2014)
  • Former Leisure Projects (Brief Selection)

  • SSCT Demo (2015)

    This is a little demo about the results of my Bachelor Thesis. The reflections are far too much, but it also illustrates where local reflections are beneficial and where they are not.

  • CASTLE BENCHMARK TechDemo (2010)

    I developed my first TechDemo together with two 3D artists, one of whom I met at a small conference for hobby game developers. The TechDemo, named "CASTLE BENCHMARK", is developed entirely with my own 3D game engine, I created from 2008 to 2013.

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