Lukas Hermanns, M.Sc.


  • MA Lighting Technology (since 2017)

    Shortly before the end of my studies, I started working half-time at MA Lighting. Since then I’m responsible for the 3D visualizer of the grandMA 3 product line. As a part of this work, I also participated in the General Device Type Format (GDTF) specification. Previously, I had developed various visual effects in HLSL and GLSL for this company, as well as a Hap encoder with DirectShow.

  • University (2010-2018)

    In 2010, I started studying computer science at TU Darmstadt and graduated with a master of science degree in 2018. During that time I worked as a student assistant at the Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research IGD in Darmstadt. I also had my first part-time job at MA Lighting Technology GmbH, where I developed various visual effects for video processing in HLSL and GLSL. Another temporary job offer brought me to Aramark GmbH, where I developed a financial management tool in the C# programming language. As part of my studies as well as leisure projects, I learned programming in Python, Java, Assembler (x86, MIPS), TypeScript, Lisp, Verilog. In 2015, I received my bachelor degree and made my bachelor thesis at the Fraunhofer IGD with the key aspect on real-time global illumination. One of the lectures at the university revealed my interest in compiler theory. After a couple of training projects with my own scripting language, I started with a shader cross-compiler to automate the translation of HLSL into GLSL. This eventually became the basis of my master thesis.

  • High School (1996-2010)

    I received my high school diploma from Georg-August-Zinn-Schule in Reichelsheim. During my schooldays, at the age of 12, I discovered my passion for software development. From the very beginning, I was particularly fascinated with visual computing, even though I was completely unfamiliar with this term back in these days. I started programming with QBasic, PureBasic, and Blitz3D. Soon after, I came to C++ and developed middleware software and video games. During high school, I also played piano for over nine years and painted a lot of comics and still lives. So music and graphics have always been an important part of my life.

  • Fore more details about my CV, feel free to contact me via email.